The Power of the Smallest Domino
Win the Day, Win the Week, Win the Month, Win the Quarter, Win the Year...
The key to my clients dramatically increasing their sales engine performance and ultimately their revenue production is the science behind dominoes.

A domino small enough to hold in your hand can cause a chain reaction that could topple over something as big as a 350ft tall tower. 

An upright domino is chalk-full of potential energy. When tipped, that potential energy turns into kinetic energy that can topple over a domino 1 ½ times its own size. That bigger domino stores more potential and kinetic energy and so on….

This is a secret big VC firms like Goldman Sachs and Bain capital use to drive growth in companies they invest in. I saw it first hand over the last decade...

When they identify the small domino, and then align it with all of the other dominoes, their 3-year exit plan, or the BIG domino, topples over and a hefty ROI is the result. The video below will be the best two minutes of your day.
'It’s changed my people and my business.'
- Colin Receveur
CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing
'We never knew we could grow sales this fast'
- Christian Oggenfuss
CEO of Napa Valley Wine academy
'This completely changed how we operate'
- Sarah Petty
CEO of Joy of Marketing
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